Women’s Armani Jeans – How to Identify Fake Armani Jeans From the Real Deal

To buy women’s Armani jeans is to make a statement that you understand fashion at its finest. But what many consumers don’t know when shopping for women’s Armani jeans is that there are imposters on the market — cheap impostors. These cheap makes are of inferior quality that wear out faster than the real article. Read on for some hints on identifying fake Armani jeans. visit –

New Armani jeans will always come with a COA (certificate of authenticity). It will be attached to the jeans (usually) by a belt loop. The COA will be encased in blue plastic and attached with thick, firm blue string and a blue security piece. Fake garments can also have these items, but the string will likely be thin and lacking sturdiness.

The certificate will be watermarked with the words, “Giorgio Armani”. To check the authenticity of this watermark, you must hold the certificate up to a light before these word will appear. Fake Armani jeans will simply have these words printed on the certificate making them visible to the naked eye under any light when viewed at any angle. This is a tell-tale sign that the jeans are not authentic.

Along the bottom of the certificate will be tiny particles of colored paper that compose the words, “Giorgio Armani”. These paper particles were embedded into the certificate during the production process making it impossible to reproduce. These particles also create an embossed feel on the letters, similar to braille. Fake Armani jeans may be missing this or lacking the embossed feel of the letters.

The last thing to check for on the COA would be the words, “Fedrigoni Cartiere S.P.A” printed in a small, yet legible crisp font. The COA for fake jeans is usually printed with a low-end printer and therefore can’t print as sharp or with as much clarity as what’s capable on a high-end printing press indicating the presence of fake jeans.

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